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I am a mother of a 29-year-old recovering heroin addict. At the age of 24 we discovered he was a heroin addict. I laid at night wondering if my son would be alive in the morning, and what I should do or, could do. My son completed a 30 day rehab program and then went to a transition house for the 30 days also in Florida, where he lived for 18 months. I had my first good night sleep the first night he was gone and have been sleeping soundly ever since.

In my desperation I searched the internet for solutions. I was able to make connections with an individual in recovery that helped me get my son on an airplane, away from his toxic environment and into rehab, in less than 24 hours. Parents are torn and distressed, not knowing what to do to help their addict/child. We want to be able to help parents and give them direction. We will provide the tools to help, direct and support these families.

Jail will NOT treat their addiction. Too many addicts are overdosing, being sent to jail and overdosing again...or dying. We aim to reduce those numbers by offering options and solutions and to be a support for the families. We have found that so many parents are embarrassed to talk about their loved one/child being an addict, another reason to contact us.

Its been 2 months shy of 5 years since I created this web site and so now its time for an update. My son at 73 days clean relapsed twice while in the Sober house. Each time going back to a rehab. I’m thankful for his house owners and people in the house, aware that he had used and getting him right back to rehab.. I was told that relapse is ok, as long as they go back to rehab. It means they missed something in the program and needed to go back to get what they missed.
This was true for my son he went back to the same sober house and eventually managed the sober house. He has been clean for 4and a half years and lives on his own with 3 other guys in recovery... He works at a treatment facility and does his program. He speaks at detox centers and other organizations.
I updated to show that there is hope, no mater how grim you may think life is.
Past post
Its Thanksgiving 2014 my son is 25 and 9.75 months clean. He manages a sober house and works at a Rehab. He has not been home since he left a little over a year ago.
He just called me and said mom what ever you were going to spend on me for Christmas please donate it to where its needed most. I was blown away. Tomorrow he will be serving food to the homless at a shelter.
God is good.
Never give up hope.
To Further update you my son Celebrated his 1 year clean on Feb 8th 2015. I was able to go and celebrate that day with him.
You see he still has not come home. I’ve not asked and either has he.
I will continue to go visit him.
Its been a while since I’ve updated my son’s status. He came home for a visit with 17 months clean in July 2015, He came home for Christmas 2015. He has moved out of sober living and doing well. He helps filter calls to Clean Start when I need him to.
My husband and I will be traveling to Florida for His 2 year on Feb 8th and to check on some that are in rehab or sober living because of Clean Start.
My son’s addiction had another plan in my life and that is to get addicts into good treatment centers, I acquired the network of people that help make that all become possible. I work with the county Sheriff’s department heroin task force getting addicts into treatment. Lake Health System ER
No matter how horrible life may seem God always has a plan and you may not see it for a period of time.. if you turn those bad things over to God he will take them. Our God is good.
— Belinda Bradbeer